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Introduction A few years ago, me and my family were driving into the city and we saw a homeless man with a sign that said “Homeless, please help.” My little brother read the sign and then asked, “Why can’t we help?” I hadn’t thought much about helping the homeless before. I usually just glanced at them on the side of the roads and went about my day. But my little brother’s question stayed in my head. I wanted to help. A few months later, my family and I were out in town and we saw a homeless man digging through the garbage, looking for food. A Subway sandwich restaurant was near us so after asking if he wanted anything at Subway, my mom bought him a sandwich and drink. I felt proud that my mother had helped this man; it felt nice to be able to help someone. But I wondered what he would do when he finished his drink and sandwich. He would still be homeless. I want to do more than give homeless individuals money, which isn’t always guaranteed to help. I wanted to help homeless people in a way that is beneficial to them. In Fairfax County in Virginia, there are more than 3,000 people who don’t have a home (“Why Homeless?”). While there are ways to combat homelessness, a program called Housing First should be implemented in the Fairfax County area to address this issue and get homeless people into stable living conditions. Solving homelessness across America is an overwhelming task, but providing aid to the homeless in one specific area is something that can be done. This

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