Helping The Homeless Population With Survival Kits

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Responsible leaders take seriously the need of the people they provide assistance to. During supervision, while working with the homeless in seeking housing resources, there has been other needs that the people requested during their visits to the office such as showering or washing their clothes. In doing so, they also needed basic toiletries and clothing especially during the winter months, they need warm clothing. However, working in an organization with limited funds and with it’s current status of state funding budget cuts, creates a larger barrier in the need to provide necessary items for those that are experiencing homelessness. As the barriers were presented, it was discovered that the organization has a need to request donations for the purpose of providing assistance to the homeless population with survival kits to become proactive for the people’s health and wellness. However, some issues with requesting donations were presented. But a goal was set to commit to the cause.

The initial barrier as an employee of a non-profit organization, there is no support from the hierarchy leadership team, as that the role of the business to seek donations for the business itself for all that receive services beyond the homeless program. In sharing with the Chief Administrator Officer, it was approved to create the drive under the organization’s 50(c)3 and tax exempt number. However, all connections of donations must be directed to the Marketing Department. The Marketing…

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