Helping The Nations Economy From Experiencing A Housing Market Disaster

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Keeping the nations economy from experiencing a housing market disaster is in applicable. Our nation has been through some ups and downs the past decade that make many people wonder whether we could experience that of the Great Depression yet again. Though I do not believe there is a way to completely stop any sort of crash whether it be with oil, housing, stocks, and automobiles. At times we will always experience an economic slowdown. "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." This quote is widely known and should be taken with more consideration by many. I believe this to be a strongly meaningful quote because the recent Great Recession we experienced and the long recovery we have been experiencing is a great example. Many people found themselves having to foreclose their homes, file bankrupt, without a job and many other devastating crisis. Not learning from something of this matter many will find themselves back repeating this time and time again. Many people think about money and become greedy in these situations not thinking about the outcomes and effects it could have. Not just in the area of the housing market, but with jobs, credit, and more. Learning from something this devastating the first time is crucial. The housing market high in the 2000s and then the quick decline is a great example why everyone needs to be smart with every decision they make. We may not be able to completely prevent a housing market crash like in 2007 or the 1980s, but we

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