Helping Your People Management Skills Essay

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There are techniques and things you can also do to help your People management skills. Getting people management skills right is challenging but can be a rewarding. Poor performance needs to be addressed in any situations that will require management of people. Remember communication is the first key to successful management. Many employment situations will involve sensitive and difficult to address/handle situations and matters which can include such things as 1. Their personal hygiene 2. The way they dress or professional image 3. personal relationships including sexual behavior in the workplace 4. medical and mental health issues, alcohol or drug related issues 5. Bullying or harassment, inappropriate language and attitude. So you will be required to address, delicate and even offensive behavior by your staff with honesty and openness as to ensure the employee understands how their particular behavior/attitudes etc is affecting their performance in the workplace. There are a few ways you can improve your communication between a manager and employee. • Identify the communication methods which are both ineffective and unproductive and try a different approach. • Take their personal communication styles into account including any personal difficulties that parties may be experiencing e.g. Are they introvert or extrovert? Etc. • Break the issue into smaller parts and specifically clarify what the 'real ' issues at hand are, Paying close attention to the important issues. •
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