Helsinger's Argumentative Analysis

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The second market is sexual. As previously noted, it would seem as though Laura was buying sexual services from the creatures. This would connect to the sex market. The goblin men’s qualities connect to that assumption, considering how charming they are. The girls warn themselves to avoid the men, yet Laura cannot keep her temptations at bay, and becomes a victim to the men’s sweet nothings. In her article, Helsinger claims that Lizzie and Laura “cross a fictive but strongly invested boundary separating […] moral from economic space, private from public, ‘natural’ creativity from the alienated labor of capitalist production, and underwriting and sustaining these distinctions – female from male” (Helsinger 903). Furthermore, she claims that the prostitute is the only one who…show more content…
Laura desires for these fruits, whether sexual or capitalist. However, she cannot continue having them for she was no longer virtuous to the merchants, and this connects to the transgression of the boundary. Her sister saves her from the consequences of the transgression by feeding her the exact poison she so desired (Rossetti 490-542). Helsinger claims that the love between Lizzie and Laura during the saving process is one that may be sexual, yet the consumption of the goblin fruit “in the literal as well as the economic sense, is to be interdicted after this moment” (Helsinger 925). In this case, it is important to note the difference between the goblin fruit from the marketplace and the fruit used in the home. Considering how the goblin marketplace has a sexual connotation, it appears the lust for the “fruit” would be one’s downfall, considering how it is only lust and not love. However, with Lizzie, there is real love because they are sisters, therefore the goblin fruit does nothing to taint Laura, and instead saves
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