Hemingway Determination

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Authors’ provide influential messages and lessons to the readers by using myriad themes throughout their books. The author, Hemingway of the novella, The Old Man and the Sea, constantly states the theme of “determination”. Determination means not giving up on something that is desirable. In everyday life, we all strive for things we desire. Hemingway expresses to the readers the real meaning of determination and the use of determination in our everyday life. One of the major myriad themes that Hemingway states in The Old Man and the Sea is determination. Determination means firmness of purpose, to never give up. The meaning of this empowering word inspires many to achieve their goals in life, by not allowing anyone to downgrade them or stand in their way.…show more content…
By implementing determination, never allow failure to be a discouragement. For instance, a historical figure named Thomas Edison tried multiple times to invent the light bulb, but was unsuccessful. Because of his determination, he did not allow that to make him give up, yet he allowed those failed attempts to encourage him to go above and beyond, and eventually he invented the first light bulb and made history. This example was to enlighten not to allow one failed attempt to become a discouragement, but yet an encouragement to do better. Like Edison once stated, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”
An author uses themes to apply life lessons for the readers. Hemingway, the author of The Old Man and the Sea uses determination as the major theme of the book. Determination means never giving up on anything. By applying determination to our life, just simply never allow anyone to stand in your way of success. The true meaning of determination and how we should impact it in our daily lifestyle was the message Hemingway was trying to indicate to the
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