Hemophili Blood Clots

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There are two types of Hemophilia, type A and type B, Hemophilia A is associated with blood clots after injury or a type of surgery, Hemophilia A is a disease in which a type of protein that is used to stop clotting is changed or mutated. This all starts after the bleeding has begun, little molecules send out a signal for a protein called factor 12 to be activated, then this protein goes on to activate other proteins till the protein Fibrinogen is activated which stops the bleed and forms a stable clot, but, when Hemophilia is brought in, this can cause major problems. It occurs in the factor 8 gene. Hemophilia causes this gene to be mutated, which is located on the X chromosome. The instructions for making the gene are altered which makes the protein changed as well. In a minor case only a small part of…show more content…
A mutation called an inversion is present which entirely changes the gene up to the point where it can't even make it which then causes the absence of the factor 8 protein. Symptoms include Severe or light bleeding due to the unstable clot which doesn’t do its job properly. Continuous bleeding will occur and can result in major complications of the joints, organs, brain, muscles, and others. In infants, bruising can be in effect all around the body after his/her first birthday, and bleeding(even from a tooth eruption). This is a sex-linked disease which effect about one in every four thousand or five thousand males no matter the ethnic group, but in females, it is even rarer. One of the people who came by this disease was Paul. Paul is from colorado and would always get injections from his own mom who was a nurse when he was an infant. He went to a Hemophilia camp in colorado and would practice injecting his treatment into practice objects so he could do it one day to himself. Paul said that he couldn’t really be apart of everyday life with people and the crowd because he always had to worry about the bleeding and hardships of
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