Hence, The Highlight Of The Above Analysis Is Nokia Weaknesses

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Hence, the highlight of the above analysis is Nokia weaknesses and threats. It can be seen that the main issues are coming from its former top management competencies to compete with the competitors (Scott, 2011a) and lack of awareness to follow the smartphone market trend (Auchard and Rosendahl, 2016). This resulted in the other process to fail in which the process of product innovation in Nokia affected, where its high investment in Research and Development (R & D) (See Appendix 3) (Statista, 2017) is not balanced with its R & D quality (Scott, 2011c), they still retained its outdated Symbian OS (Scott, 2011b).
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For example, when the middle managers wanted to reported ‘negative information’ to the top manager, they should change the information to be positive to satisfy the top managers and reducing the pressure to be scolded (Vuori and Huy, 2015a). This affected the innovation process of Nokia’s mobile phone where top managers believed that Nokia was fine and did not need to make any changes (Vuori and Huy, 2015b), in this context is Nokia Symbian OS. Vuori and Huy (2015b) did the analysis by interviewing 76 people including top and middle managers as well as ‘external experts’. They also found that the ‘fear’ coming from the top managers to its competitor (Apple) causing them reluctant to change (Vuori and Huy, 2015b). Another finding from Doz and Kosonen (2008) showed that the top management in Nokia mobile phone did not have the ‘leadership unity’ resulted in the loss of ‘strategic agility’ to survive in the ‘agile environment’ where Apple and Samsung coming to the market and have replaced its position.
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I also found some reviews from the former employees of Nokia written in 2013, I can conclude that the top managers were too rigid, lack of flexibility, direction, and poor internal communication resulted in the high-pressure working environment and loss of accountability for the employees (Glassdoor, n.d.) (See Appendix).
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Furthermore, the former CEO(s) of Nokia, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo and Stephen Elop also admitted that the
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