Henderson Printing

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I have been asked to review the compensation system practices for Henderson Printing with a view to establishing a common set of principles and practices that are understood by both management and employees of the organization. In addition, it is both logical and desirable to ensure that Henderson Printing is motivating and rewarding a common set of skills and behaviours to all employees consistently in the organization in order for Henderson Printing to be the most viable organization as possible. Findings and Issues: Employees of Henderson Printing need to be feel that they are all being paid fairly at all levels within the organization. Currently there is no formal system of compensation that Henderson Printing follows and…show more content…
Henderson has displayed. It will help with the issue of cost control and ensuring no one is being over paid for their job. The job evaluation system will also engage and motivate employees to seek promotions within Henderson Printing as they will encouraged to reach the next level and advance within the organization. Role clarity will also assist in the job evaluation process assisting employees in better understanding their role and responsibilities; as is the case with the current rank of supervisors providing conflicting information to employees. In addition to the job evaluation system described above, I would recommend Henderson printing implement a profit sharing plan in the organization which provides bonus payments to employees based on their profits of the organization. Employees of Henderson Printing will feel more motivated to improve the organization’s profits, it will promote improved cooperation with team members and stronger organizational citizenship. In addition, over time, if production becomes more efficient due to the employee’s invested interest in the organization and identify perhaps new and innovated ways to increase production seamlessly, there may be an ability to reduce the need for supervisors and/or on-site managers, which would result in further reducing operating costs. Recruitment and retention of employees may also be assisted with
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