Henkel Case

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Market Share Estimation & Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Index for Henkel CAC Pvt. Ltd. YEAR: 2011 (APRIL-JUNE) ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank Mr. Kona Prasadrao, our project guide, for his guidance and support throughout the internship. Without his cooperation and review, the project would not have encompassed so many aspects of marketing and would not have been such a wonderful learning experience. We would also like to express our gratitude to the AIL Sales Team for their support and assistance in the internship process in providing a working atmosphere conducive for learning and interaction. Special thanks to Mr. Dharmesh Shah and Mr. Pankaj Bhalerao for giving us this opportunity and for the constant…show more content…
Founded in 1876, Henkel holds globally leading market positions both in the consumer and industrial businesses. It controls leading brands like, Plastic Padding chemicals, Persil, washing powder, Spee washing powder, Vernal/Silan fabric softener, Somat/Glist dishwasher tablets, Pril washing-up liquid, Schwarzkopf hair care (Cosmetics Company Hans Schwarzkopf GmbH was acquired by Henkel in 1995. After the integration in 1997 the business sectors brand-name products were assigned to Schwarzkopf & Henkel Cosmetics GmbH, Düsseldorf, and hair salon products to Hans Schwarzkopf GmbH & Co KG (Schwarzkopf Professional), Hamburg, respectively), Schauma shampoo, Fa shower gel and deodorant, Diadermine skin and body care, Dial shower and hand soap, Loctite and UniBond adhesives and sealants, Pritt glue sticks, Polyseamseal caulk, and Persil abaya shampoo. Historically, Henkel 's most famous brand is Persil, the first commercial laundry detergent. Before that it was only either soap flakes or actual bars of soap. With presence in 125 countries on five continents and about 48,000 employees worldwide, Henkel engages in the majority of its business within Europe and North America. 1.2 Henkel-Adhesive Technologies Henkel is the world market leader in adhesives, sealants and surface
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