Henly Renn: A Fictional Narrative

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Smack!! Just like that the semi hit us. I saw my dad in the driver's seat and my mom in the passenger's seat, her brown hair covered in blood holding my dad's bloody hand I look over at my brother Henly not a mark on his beautiful red hair. Then I looked down, I was like my brother, not a mark on my blond hair. I heard the ambulance pull up so I got out of the car and stated to the nice man, “I was okay but my parents are bleeding and my brother isn't responsive.” He stated “thank you.” Sitting in the waiting room is killing me. Not knowing what is wrong with my family is so hard. “Anna Renn?” “yes.” “Your brother is awake he would like to talk to you.” “Okay.”Hi Henly how are you? “I am fine.” “Are you Anna and Henly Renn?” “Yes.”…show more content…
Then we will get the authorities and we will get her arrested.” “Well they think they can get away with that kind of stuff they will not ever leave this house and of course I will have to hide all they phones from them because they can not be trusted. This will not be accepted. How did they even find out about the basement no orphan in my clutches as ever found out unless of course they were in the basement.” “Come on Henly let’s go down to the basement.” “Anna there are no cops even coming so what’s the point?” “The point is Henly whether or not the there are cops coming it’s still illegal.” “ I know but I do not want to get killed.” “You won’t we will be in and out.” “Okay i will go with you but first use your powers to read her mind and see what her next move is. “ let’s go find Lady Corela.” Lady Corela there you are we have been looking all over for you. “Me why?” “We wanted to know if we could use a phone to call somebody?” “NO absolutely not no way.” “Why can't we use the phone?” “because you broke a rule.” “ What rule did we break?” “ You are not supposed to talk to each other unless I give you permission to do so.” “Lady Corela with all do respect we are siblings and we have to…show more content…
Which means that we have to think fast.” ………. “Henly there is nothing to be scared of let's go.” On the walls there is mold and it smells must there are weeds everywhere and there's only one light in the middle of the room and in the corner is four children that look desperately hungry. “There they are officer invading my personal space.” “Ma’am yes they are invading your personal space but what I am seeing down here is very illegal I am going to take you into the station for a more thorough investigation. “ But officer this is part of their chores cleaning the basement.” “I don’t care you are going into the station. Anna and Henly are coming too because I want to hear what is really going on down here and I am also going to bring these four children.” “ Hi I am Anna and this is my brother Henly. What is your name? “My name is Elaine and this is my brother Bobby. “ I am Chelsea and this is my sister Violet “Hi” “If you dont mind me asking how did you know we where in the basement” Bobby said. “Well my brother and I have special powers Henly can see into the future and I can read peoples
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