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Year 11 Photography and Digital Media – Assessment Task One Describe the artistic practice of Henri Cartier-Bresson Henri Cartier Bresson (1908-2004) was a French photographer and photojournalist, working throughout his homeland of France and around the world. When looking at Cartier-Bresson's artistic practice – the physical actions, techniques and procedures used to create the work combined with the conceptual ideas, influences, meanings and beliefs – we can see an emphasis on the story behind the image rather than its formation. There is a subtle influence of composition on his works though, due to his interest in painting before he became a photographer.1 We can observe his ability to capture the decisive moment, producing a…show more content…
This was what photojournalism of the time embodied; the wider picture. 9 Again there is sensitive composition, mainly in the form of contrast between the stark, denuded landscape and the colossal machinery, emphasised by the machine's dominance within the frame. On his second trip to the Soviet Union, Cartier-Bresson presented a very different Russia from the one shown in work from his first trip. His first visit was significant as he was the first Western photographer permitted to enter the Soviet Union since Joseph Stalin had died a year earlier;10 maybe he did not want to then produce bleak and melancholy images, which eventually came after his second visit in the early 1970s. Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) [Plate 3] is from the work Cartier-Bresson made on his second trip. Compositionally, the photograph features a low horizon line, a technique which allows the eye 9 Galassi, P. 2010, op. cit. “China. 1958.” 10 Galassi, P. 2010, op. cit. “Leningrad, Soviet Union. 1973.” to be drawn by the large white buildings to the space in between them, and into the expansive sky. The power lines also provide a focal point in the top-left corner, which then leads your eye across and down the image. Subtle composition, but it is integral to the image. The interesting aspect of this photo is the clever juxtaposition and contradiction of subject. The newly-built residencies seem to
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