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The Discovery of God

Henri de Lubac was born in Cambrai, France on February 20, 1896. He joined the Society of Jesus in Lyon in 1913. After he joined, he served in the French army in World War I, and suffered severe wounds during combat. When he recovered from his wounds he was educated at Jesuit Houses of study at Jersey and Fourviere, and earned his doctorate in theology studies at Pontifical Gregorian University of Rome. In 1927 he was ordained a priest and taught the history of theology at Catholic Faculties of Theology of Lyons until 1961. During World War II, he was strongly against Naziism and anti-Semiticism throughout his writings. However, he was forced to leave Lyon because he was involved with the Resistance and lived in Vals. In the 1950’s de Lubac faced much controversy about his teachings about grace and the supernatural. He was then asked to stop publishing his writings. However, that did not stop de Lubac from still spreading his teachings. Such as: studies on atheism, ecclesiology, sacramental nature of Catholicism, medieval biblical exegesis, and Buddhism. In 1957 he became a member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences and the Catholic Institute of Paris in 1959. He then became a theology expert in Vatican II between 1962-1965. In 1983 he was created cardinal deacon by Pope John Paul II, and received the red biretta and
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Natural Theology discusses over the actual existence of God. Discovering any proofs that can proof God’s existence. However, there are many human made theories and accusations about God and how everything is created by either God or some other force. The main focus de Lubac is writing is how people believe that God doesn’t exist. Many speculations surrounding the existence of God have always been circulating for many years. However, with a high amount of controversies de Lubac proves how God is with us always and is “the being of
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