Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec's Art

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Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec was a born November 24, 1864, and died September 9, 1901. He is well known for his Post-Impressionist work. And created 363 prints and posters, 737 canvased paintings, 275 watercolors, and 5,084 drawings. Throughout his time, he was a painter, printmaker, draughtsman, and illustrator. Due to being born from an aristocratic family, it is suggested from inbreeding his physical appearance and small size was created which made him often ridiculed; he suffered because of this and had alcoholism. He immersed himself in arts because he could not do many things men his age could do because of stature. Later on, Lautrec was known to sit in bars and clubs often creating works of art. He found a certain acceptance in the nightclub scene and many of his artwork depicts this.

During his time, he dwelt with the Art Nouveau movement, with a style that emphasized on pure, unmodulated
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He creates a certain aspect of simplicity by not using too much detail of the line but just enough of it to make it interesting and capturing the viewers attention. Some of the very tiny work can be seen specifically in the male as line lines show the outline of the lips by creating the reddish pink line going up and down. By adding slight details to character Lautrec shows a dedication to how the face and person should be just by adding slight detail to face, but also by color and positioning of the person. Even though it is a 2-D piece he brings a 3-dimensional aspect as well though it more a cut out of people he positions them slight farther apart from others to give them distance from one another. There is only a slight value though to add to the dimension of man's leg peeking out of green jacket and curtains on the
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