Henri Fayol Management Principals Through Experience

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Henri Fayol: Management Principals through Experience Introduction While the subject of management has proven a popular topic, especially during the last 25 years, the subject is certainly not exclusive to latter part of the 20th century (Donkin, 1998). Henri Fayol, a turn-of-the-century French mining engineer and eventual management executive is often credited with becoming one of the first to develop and write about the now popular topic. “Dubbed the father of modern operational-management theory” (Long, 1997, p.31), Fayol’s ideas and theories on management are founded in his practical 49 years of experience working in the mining and steel industry. However, Fayol was quick to point out that his theories were not confined to…show more content…
These powerful industries led to the formation of trade unions, which were becoming more and more influential. And yet, while the rate of earnings for companies was slowing, the cost of living had remained relatively constant, leading to a moderate level of economic prosperity. Fayol believed that while the industrial, political, and social tides were changing, a strong administrative regime was necessary to provide stability. At the same time Fayol believed that “many of the authoritarian elements of nineteenth-century industrial paternalism” (Reid, 1995) were no longer necessary with the rise of unionism. Putting his thoughts into action in accordance with his beliefs as well as in accordance with the changes in the power bases, Fayol promoted policies that were worker-friendly. Despite the fact that during this period the concept of the “company controlled town,” prevailed and was heavily entrenched in the French mining industry, Fayol implemented changes in policy by which his company would no longer monitor church attendance or set up “company stores” where existing businesses were already established to serve the needs of the local population (Reid, 1995). Small changes like these were a major departure from business control of every aspect of employee life, both professional and private. Work History Henri Fayol began is professional career as a mining engineer at the Commentry Mine of Boigues Rambourg and Company in
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