Henri Saint- Simon's Lettres d'un Habitant de Geneve a ses Contemporains

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In this proposition he explained that the first class was composed of scientists, artists and all those that hold the liberal thought or idea (Saint-Simon, 1803). The second class consisted of all the proprietors who did not fit in the first class. The third class is constructed by the rest of the people that believe in the slogan of equality (Saint-Simon, 1803). The general intent of Henri Saint-Simon in his writing was to explain that how there were the three classes and how the first class, which consisted of scientist and intellectuals, would join a movement as its leaders of the new order (Saint-Simon, 1803). The purpose in his writing was to show the view of society that was ideal for perception. The view of society for Saint-Simon was inspired of the social unity of the medieval period but Saint-Simon believed that for the Post-Revolutionary society the social order made in the medieval times will not regain its unity to function (Saint-Simon, 1803). Saint Simon established the purpose in “Lettres d’un habitant de Genève à ses Contemporains” as to being that to regain the social unity for the Post-Revolutionary society, a new scientific elite must replace the spiritual authority of the Church (Zeitlin, 2001: 68). Also, Henri Saint Simon through his works emphasized the importance of the science would…
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