Henriett An African American Women That Was Born Loretta Pleasant

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Henrietta Lacks was an African American women that was born Loretta Pleasant on August 1, 1920 in Roanoke, Virginia. Henrietta Lacks was born unto Eliza and Johnny Pleasant. At some point in time she changed her name from Loretta to Henrietta but her family is uncertain into how. Her mother died while giving birth to her tenth child in 1924. After the passing of his late wife, Henrietta’s father felt unable to handle the children, so he took them all to Clover, Virginia. In Clover, Virginia is where her father gave the children to relatives. At the age of 4, Henrietta was sent to live with her grandfather, Tommy Lacks, in a log cabin. This log cabin that she was sent to live in with her grandfather had been the slave quarters of a white ancestor’s plantation. At this time Henrietta Lacks shared a room with her 9 year-old first cousin, David Lacks. In 1935 when Henrietta was 14, David Lacks and Henrietta Lacks had a son in which they named Lawrence. The couple had a daughter, Elsie, in 1939. On April 10, 1941 Henrietta married David Lacks her first cousin, in Halifax County, Virginia. At the end of 1941, their cousin Fred Garret convinced the couple to leave Virginia and move to Maryland. David brought a house for the family with the money their cousin gave him when he went overseas. David brought the house in Baltimore County, Maryland which was one of the youngest of the approximately forty African American communities. In Maryland is where the couple had three more

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