Henrietta Lacks And Her Entire Battle With Cervical Cancer Essay

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When first starting the book, I had no idea who Henrietta Lacks was, let alone what a HeLa cell was. This is the main reason why Rebecca Skloot sought out to write this book: no one knew the origin of HeLa cells, no one knew the life this woman lived, and no one seemed to inquire about the information either. Some might say Rebecca solely wrote this book for the money she would make off of it. However, I believe her true intention of writing this book was to get the world talking about Henrietta Lacks and for people to know she was the woman behind the famous HeLa cells. There are other approaches she could have taken to get her information without having to have complete trust from Henrietta’s family members, but yet she chose to gain their trust, which speaks volumes to me. The first few chapters of the book follows the life of Henrietta Lacks and her entire battle with cervical cancer. Henrietta Lacks was a young woman who was diagnosed with cervical cancer during the 1950s and would go to John Hopkins hospital, the closest hospital that would accept black patients. Rebecca goes into vivid detail to describe the treatment and exams Henrietta would encounter, including having a tube of radium sewed right into her cervix. During her stay and initial exam, Henrietta’s doctor, Dr. Gey, was conducting research on cancer cells and the growth of human cells and chose to take samples of Henrietta’s cells without her knowledge and conduct testing. This is a huge ethical issue,

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