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Henrietta Lacks Families Website The focus of my research paper is to inform readers whom Mrs. Lacks was and the injustice that happened with her and to prove she deserves recognition. In order to entirely grasp my topic one must know who Mrs.Lacks was. For this reason I’m using The Lacks Family’s official website that introduces her. This will help me introduce the topic in my research paper. The source provides Mrs.Lacks background information to help lead the topic. Explains that she was a native of rural southern Virginia, and lived in, Maryland. She was admitted to the John Hopkins’s hospital due to abdominal pain and vaginal spotting. She soon died of cervical cancer in 1951. The source delves into the injustice that was done with…show more content…
Her daughter said in the interview “that’s the main thing that’s troubling me about it why was it kept such a big secret?” After the family was told about the medical advances the son reacted by saying “it makes me happy to know that my mother contributed something to the world”. So at first they family was shocked and humiliated for not being able to given the privilege of knowing their mothers contributions to the scientific world. The last quote I would use from the primary source will show what is happening in the present day with the HeLa cells and how the family is spreading awareness for Mrs.Lacks. She continues to enhance, many, many lives who are unaware of her past existence. After all, she has a rich and important history and a great legacy that she left for her family to carry. We want to raise awareness and encourage action to problems the world is facing such as poverty, unemployment, racism, ethical issues, education, communication, and tissue ownership. Our family is focusing on positive aspects of Henrietta’s scientific contribution to the world. The family connects the HeLa cells with poverty, racism, ethical issues, and tissue ownerships. They’re encouraging readers to read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks to educate people about Mrs.Lacks. Nurses examine one of the Tuskegee syphilis study participants This primary source is a
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