Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll House Essay

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Life is a play, everyone is a character playing a part putting on different masks so no one knows the true person inside. Dominated women are more likely to wear a mask in order to hide the horrible reality of a dark, oppressive world in which they live. This allows the women to maintain what little self-esteem they have left, while at the same time they are screaming on the inside yearning for freedom. A prime example of such a woman would be, Nora Helmer, in Henrik Ibsen’s play, “A Doll House,” she wears the mask of a submissive, loving, housewife but in reality she only wishes for freedom and independence. Her husband, Torvald is not an abusive man, although, he is controlling and treats her as a child, instead of an equal partner in the marriage. Throughout the play, Nora with the aid of Kristine and Dr. Rank, progresses into a more prevailing role which leads to her ultimate freedom when she leaves her husband and family. Henrik Ibsen created a very complex character with Nora Helmer, in one instance she is a loving, submissive housewife and the other she is a manipulative, dishonest person, where Torvald is controlling, but at the same time, devoted to his family and loves his wife dearly. Some people are concerned with appearances some see it as the most important part of their character to be revered among their peers. Professors of English and literary critics Sahin and Rizwan-ul describe Torvald as, “a man who does not know to love or appreciate the love, who is

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