Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll House Essay

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Henrik Ibsen’s play “A Doll House” was set in the Victorian era, a time where women were highly respected. Women in this time period did not work, they had nannies to take care of their children and maids to take care of their homes. Many women had no real responsibilities, they spent their time having tea parties and socializing with their friends. Henrik Ibsen dared to show the realism of the Victorian era while everyone else would only focus on the romantic aspect. In the play, “A Doll House” Henrik Ibsen challenges the traditional lifestyle of women in the Victorian Era by exposing the main character, Nora Helmer’s bravery, independence, and strong will. After reading Henrik Ibsen’s play, many people have argued over how his initial theme for the play was supposed to be interpreted. Many people would argue that he wrote the play to fight for women’s rights. In Ellen Coughlin’s article she states, “Critics have denied Ibsen’s interest in feminist issues- or “the woman question,” as it was known in his day- and have argued that Nora was intended to represent a kind of “Everyman,” simply intent on establishing her own identity” (Coughlin). By further investigating Ibsen’s play, we see how he went against the social norms of women in the Victorian Era giving his play a feminist outlook which was not his original intent. At the Norwegian Women’s Union in 1897 Henrik Ibsen stated “I am not a member of the Women’s Union. Whatever I have written, I have not written in the

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