Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll 's House

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Readers of Henrik Ibsen work will notice he tends to incorporate everyday problems into his work. Ibsen use of everyday problem gives audience better insight to better relate to his plays, and reflect upon their own situations which would also make his plays believable. Ibsen would make his endings occasionally open-ended. Ibsen would do this, so audience members could think for themselves. It would be up to the crowd’s own interpretation on how the characters would continue life. In The English Review article “A New World for Women” writer Stephanie Forward claims “Henrik Ibsen’s Plays were staged as part of a privately subsidized feminist experimental project”. Which brings the topic of Henrik Ibsen’s play “A Doll’s House”. Ibsen’s stage…show more content…
The Nanny abandoned her child in order to financially take care of herself. Mrs. Linde is a representation of Nora’s yearning for freedom. Mrs. Linde search for a job represents how she is trying to begin a new life for herself. During Mrs. Linde marriage to her deceased husband, she felt as if she was being controlled. Mrs. Linde lost her ambition because she was busy taking care of other people in her family. Nora tries to sympathize with Mrs. Linde by telling her about the situation with her husband and how they were once poor. While talking Nora begins to let it slip that in order to get out of debt she received the money illegally. Nora never told her secret to her husband and it is not revealed who she owns this debt to until later. The person to whom she owes the debt to is Krogstad. All the other characters are oblivious to Krogstad motives for being at the Helmer’s house except Nora. Krogstad threatens to tell the truth, and displays how he is also controlling Nora as a doll. Krogstad, however, is not an evil person as he sympathizes with Nora by pointing out “Even money-lenders, / hacks, well, a man like me, /can have a little of what you call feeling, / you know.” (101-105). Krogstad reasoning for wanting to blackmail Nora is, so he can keep his job. Krogstad purpose is not to achieve a higher social status rather, his primary goal is to make sure his family is financially safe. Nora was going to ask Dr. Rank for money until he professed his love

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