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Henrik Isben?s A Doll?s House is the story of a man and a woman who have been married for eight years but are not really in love. Although at the first of the story we see a typical family, underneath there lies a dark secret. Torvald Helmer, the husband, is a lawyer who has been unsuccessful in the past because he would not accept a shady case. This has put the couple and their children in a great financial struggle and this forces him to turn elsewhere for employment. He ends up working at a local bank, putting an end to the family struggle. At the start of the story we see Nora Helmer, his wife, coming in from town with several small wrapped packages and a Christmas tree. She is a very childish acting woman but on the same note,…show more content…
Nora as a character in this story is very complex; she acts childish and naïve to keep her secret, but by the end she is thrown into the depths of maturity in her final decision.

Henrik Ibsen was born to wealthy parents who were suddenly hit by poverty in 1834 when his father?s business failed. When Ibsen left home at the age of 15, he went to Grimstadt where he found work as a pharmacist?s assistant (140). After 6 years, Ibsen went to Oslo (which at that time was Christiana) with hopes of attending the university there. He was not admitted because he could not pass the preliminary exams, but that did not discourage him. Ibsen?s studies lead him to classical history. This was the basis for his 1st drama, Catilina (Catiline) (140). This 1st work continued the properties that later developed into Ibsen?s primary themes: individual importance and self- realization. Two females from this 1st work, Aurelia and Furia, are the two types of female present in most of Ibsen?s dramas. The 1st ?dull and domestic? and the 2nd ?fascinating? and ?potentially dangerous.? (140).

While in Christiana, Ibsen met Bjornstjerne, one of Norway?s great 19th century writers. They both had a mutual respect for one another until a misunderstanding caused years of problems between the 2. They reconciled their differences when Ibsen?s only son married Bjornson?s daughter (140). In 1851, Ibsen took a job as a stage
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