Henry Adopted Of The Children

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Proudly, Henry introduced each of the children, except one. Noticing the absence of his oldest son, he asked. “Where 's Uriah?” Charity then told him about the accident he had while chopping wood.
Uriah was awake when his father came in and sat down on the bed.
“Papa, I 'm sorry I messed up,” he said. “We found another ax in the shed out back, so we figured we could get more wood chopped if we both chopped-John 's ax slipped off a log and nearly took my foot off, we didn’t know it was that sharp. It was an accident Papa, please don 't blame John, he didn 't do it on purpose.”
“I know he didn 't son. It was an accident, plain and simple. It ain 't anybody’s fault really. You boys are young and didn 't know to separate yourselves far
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It won 't be ours though, unless we file claim to it and I don‘t think that will happen. I don 't want to sink too much time into it, if you know what I mean.”
“Yes, Papa, I think I do understand. A man that has land and a family has something worth working for, right?”
“That 's right son; he sure does,” Henry smiled. “Now, let 's get in there and eat, before your mama gets mad at us for making her wait any longer.”
Charity had already set the table, using Mrs. Finley 's plates and utensils. She was sure that Mrs. Finley wouldn 't mind. She definitely seemed to be enjoying having a houseful of children around. Charity had observed her walking around the cabin, smiling at the goings on. It didn 't bother Charity, seeing Mrs. Finley 's spirit there. Neither did the spirit of the young woman that had followed Mr. McClure inside. Since meeting Two Feathers at Yellow River, she’s seen several ghosts, and was getting quite used to seeing them. They were just spirits, they meant no harm; they just weren’t ready to cross over…
“Ma 'am, this is a mighty fine table you 've set before us this day.”
“Well, thank you, Mr. McClure.”
“Please, Ma 'am, just call me Jeremiah. And, if’n you don 't mind, I 'd like ta be the one ta ask the blessing this evening.”
“No Sir, I don 't mind at all,” Charity replied, “We 'd be honored to have you ask- for we have truly been blessed this day.”
“Yes’um, we
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