Henry Bergh 's Animal Cruelty

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Henry Bergh “Mercy to animals means mercy to mankind” are Henry Bergh’s remarkable words. Bergh was a leader when he stepped up and took charge of the animal cruelty. Bergh died knowing that animals and children would get the help and care they deserved, which shows how much he really cared. It also shows that Bergh has a legacy that lives within the lives of many to this day. Bergh had many allies who helped his on his incredible journey, and some people who gave him obstacles along the way. There have also been many stories about Bergh rescuing animals and children from abusive situations that explain his relationship with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Life times later, organizations can be found all around the world, that of which dedicate their time towards preventing the abuse against animals cruelty or child abuse. Documents, statues, and quotes from many people prove that Bergh had a legacy that touched the hearts of many. Bergh had a lot of allies and other people who didn’t agree with his ideas. Another one of Bergh’s most trusted friends, was P. T. Barnum. They didn’t start out as friends when Bergh devoted his time to protecting the lives of Barnum’s circus animals. Many visitors to Barnum’s museum complained that he was neglecting rabbits when they were fed alive to boa constrictors. Letters between Bergh and Barnum showed that they had different ideas on ‘entertainment’ and ‘abuse’. Barnum was very stingy
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