Essay about Henry Bibb

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Shaniqua Jones
HSTAA 225 Sec. AD
November 21, 2007
Biographical Essay Assignment

It was a hot blistering summer day not a leaf in sight or a hint of shade to be found. Mouth is dry as cotton from thirst and hands bleeding and blistering from a hard days work, exhausted from fatigue and hunger, because Master had me out here since the crack of dawn. Tending to the crops in the field and told me not come until every last crop has been tended which is about three football fields long. This is some of the Vigorous work that slaves had to endure. Slavery is a big part of American history. Many of the African Americans you see today are descendants of the 500,000 plus Africans who were sent to North America as slaves. To work
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They were going to make slaves understand there way of life by any means necessary and this sometimes meant vigorous lashings or even death. Although this way of life put fear in a lot of slaves and forced them to accept this way of life Henry never let fear conquer his desire for freedom. Henry’s passion for freedom was a refusal to accept the white society’s story that he was meant to be a slave and other degrading things white southerners called blacks. It also showed his refusal to accept the fact that he was not a human being and he as well as other historical slaves fought for acknowledgement as a human being. Henry Bibb was born in May of 1815, by his mother who was a slave named Milldred Jackson, and his father James Bibb. Henry did not know too much about his father because he died before Henry could really get a chance to know him. Henry is the oldest of seven children who are all boys. Henry was born in Shelby County, Kentucky, and was claimed as the property of a slave owner named David White Esq. He came into possession of Henry’s mother long before Henry was born. Henry was raised in slavery and he never got a chance to know was freedom was. Henry did not know he was a slave until he was about eight years old when he was separated from his mother and Mr. White began to treat him as a slave. Before Henry started fulfilling his slave duties he had a playmate named Harriet who was around his age and
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