Henry Clay Essay

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Henry Clay Frick

     In this paper I am going to talk about how Henry Clay Frick was an important man to our history and some things that he contributed. Not only was he a successful industrialist, but an art patron and a philanthropist. He was one of the most important people that helped put Pittsburgh on the map.
     It all started in a small town in Westmoreland county called West Overton. He was born in 1849 into a wealthy family not his parents but his grandfather had some money. His grandfather was Abraham Overholt, who was a wealthy rye whiskey distiller. As he was growing up his grandfather gave him a job as a bookkeeper. And that was the job that made him want to become a
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It started because Carnegie wanted to eliminate the unions in his mills, but Frick supported actions that setback the labor movement for decades. The Homestead Works strike didn’t look good for Carnegie because of the death and violence, which had happened, and he tried to avoid any connections with him. The two kept disputing each other which led to Frick resigning form the company in 1899(Warren, 1996).
     After the violence at Homestead, Alexander Berkmann, attempted to assassinate Henry Clay Frick in his second floor office in Downtown Pittsburgh. While recovering from his attack at his home his son Clayton died shortly after birth. Frick also didn’t have much public support after the Homestead violence. However after these to instances he gained public sympathy (Warren, 1996).
     After his near death experience and fall out with Carnegie Steel Company he continued his business interests in Pittsburgh, New York, and other cities. He formed the St. Clair Steel Company in 1900, with the largest coke works in the world in Clairton. He then played a major role in the formation of United States Steel Corporation, after Carnegie sold his interests in the Carnegie Steel Company in 1901. He then began investing in a large real estate in Downtown Pittsburgh that included the Frick Building,
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