Henry David Hwang ( M. Butterfly )

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book in England and in America by March 1991, by selling more than 100,000 copies in the United States alone. Warner Brothers credited the film rights in 1991, and the playwright Henry David Hwang (M. Butterfly) has written the screenplay. The novel became a film by the same name in 2002. While Random House, Byatt’s American publisher, requested her to reduce some of the poetry and place explanation-the novel is 555 pages in hardcover-she rejected. Agreeing, however, to make a trivial, effective change in her depiction of Roland, who in the American version obtains a “smile of amused friendliness” and can arouse “feelings of warmth, and sometimes more, in many women.” The story about which Byatt illuminates with a kind of amusement. Possession, Byatt argues that Possession is the only of her novels that she wrote without any break while writing it. Continuing in the following way shows that she knew everybody would accept that “It’s the only one I’ve written to be liked, and I did it partly to show off”. Yet, carrying on that “there is very little life in Possession. It is all art”. These and other comments, nevertheless, Byatt offers about her work should be stood by means of the common proverb grain of salt-there is without a doubt a decent deal of art in Possession, and every so often the life becomes confined within the art, on the other hand, in its examination of love and loss, the novel trinkets true and deep. Even though authors are not always the
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