Henry David Thoreau And Transcendentalism

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Henry David Thoreau was born and lived his life in Concord, Massachusetts. Thoreau had always been an intelligent student and eventually began his study at Harvard University and graduated at the top of his class despite having to drop out on several occasions due to his financial struggles. Around the time when Thoreau was graduating, America had been experiencing an economic depression resulting in the loss of jobs of many and work became harder to find. But because Henry Thoreau was a Harvard graduate, the best fit field for someone like him was teaching. For a short period, he began teaching at a local public school. He along with his brother John, began working in the family pencil making business. Their pencils were considered to be …show more content…

While in Walden Pond, he spent one night in jail due to an issue which was the subject of his essay “Resistance to Civil Government” which was later known as “Civil Disobedience”.
Thoreau was a strong advocate or the abolitionist movement and wrote strongly on the slavery in Massachusetts. Henry Thoreau had strong political views in regards to slavery and the Mexican-American War. He once wrote, “The only obligation which I have a right to assume is to do at any time what I think right”. Civil Disobedience inspired many leaders to protest movements in their own homes. This idea of a nonviolent approach to the social and political resistance influenced leader like Martin Luther King Jr. ad Mohandas Gandhi.
In the essay Civil Disobedience, speaks in favor of a government that enter or disrupt men’s lives. He expands on the idea that he wants a better government not to abolish. Thoreau derived the idea of Civil Disobedience that in American history men have always recognized the right of revolution. A man should not associate with a government that does not treat its citizens justly and fairly. The government is supposed to represent and treat everyone fairly and equally but that isn’t always the what happens. The primary use of Civil Disobedience is to bring attention to particular issues and inspire others to get involved.
Civil Disobedience has influenced many social movements such as the Civil Rights Movement. As

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