Henry David Thoreau : Idealism And Existentialism

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Idealism and Existentialism consolidate together in Henry David Thoreau’s work, Walking. His ethic is no other than of a man that has come to his full- senses, seeing the world from the most narrow space that society have to offer, he expanded that space and went into a journey that every man should take, a journey of self-discovery and understanding of nature. Thoreau’s Walking solves the question that we all may consider of doing before making an action. How to do it? is described in Walking, as waking itself being the reliable source of power that a human can take in order to reach this primarily point of Transcendentalism. He himself would have to discover one of the many routes that self-understanding of who you are and what is it…show more content…
Thoreau’s Walking is plagued by passages in which he cries out to the charms of Nature. He describes with the most exquisite sensibility some of the scenes of the wildlife or the things he sees while walking, however, he elevates us, allows us leaving aside the obligations of society and invites us to merge with it. In his brief beginning the description of “Sainte-terrer” suits him in his composure of a philanthropist. The reason being is as he refers “ seeking the shortest course to the sea” is what all men must do. The ocean full of mysteries is the entrepreneurial landscape of what we can see and obtain knowledge from. As how the new continent was for Colon, the only man at the time that actually dependent of himself and his own thoughts and went against what Society told him. Labeling him of crazy and suicidal he is known remembered for making one of the greatest discovery of human history. In his work Walking, he proposes that we undertake through it an absolutely free path, always moving forward, without seeking to return home, because it is about being "at home everywhere." He considers that Nature invites us to live in the present, to savor every moment, every dawn. He finds in it the sweetest society in which a man can have a symbiotic relation with Nature, like two friends having a beer together. Nature and Man can become one when the human truly approaches it. Enviving the essence of the pure and

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