Henry David Thoreau 's Civil Disobedience

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Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience expresses the need to prioritize thoughts and views over the dictates of laws. It attacks the American social policies and government as a slavery and Mexican – American War. Henry David Thoreau’s consistently argued that government rarely proves they’re for the people and obtains its power from the majority because organization, however criticizes the legitimacy of governments viewpoints. Thoreau thoughts were people’s first option is to do what they believe is right and not to follow majority rule. If government is proven to be unjust, society should organize groups that refuses to follow laws and speak up until they’re heard. Separation from laws in the world that promotes evil and not participate in such wrong doings. He contends the United States for its unjust wars and given it supports slavery and aggressive war far. Thoreau thoughts of the government stepping up to abolish slavery and have equal rights for all was a myth. The reality thought by Henry is to protest and stand up for what you believe is right even if you have to spend a night in jail. Many like experiences were used by Thoreau to model his thoughts and ability to make changes without following the hideous ways of the government. His thoughts as time went on and no changes by the government to positively impact the community “Enough is enough”. Thoreau refused to work with the government and refused to pay taxes. According to Thoreau the only way to reform the government was
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