Henry David Thoreau's Place On The Creation Of The Earth

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Gather round the fire children, and hear how the peoples, land, and weather came to be. Long ago, during the time when the earth was but a cub, there were no men. There was but Etu, god of the sun and stars, and creator of earth and all that ever was and ever will be. Etu’s solitude came to give his heart great pain, and so he decided that it was time he created himself a wife to share this world with. Etu asked the soft flowing brook and gentle breeze to lend their grace and the lily to lend its beauty. The wind, the brook, and the lily obliged, and with their grace, gentleness, and beauty he created his wife, Magena. Just as how the sun shares half of its day with the moon, Etu shared half of his creations with Magena, and so she became…show more content…
He called to the great bison herds and asked them for their help. Liniwa asked the bison herds to come together in Sahkonteic’s lands and stomp the earth repeatedly until it began to crack and split apart. The bison agreed to do as Liniwa asked, but only if they got something in return. Liniwa asked the bison, “What is it you wish for?” One group of bison replied, “The winters are cold and harsh. We’d like a thick coat to fend off the cold and wind.” Another herd spoke up and said, “The wolves and mountain lions prey on us because we have no way to defend ourselves. We’d like a way to fend off the wolves and mountain lions when they attack.” “Very well,” said Liniwa, “do what I ask of you and you shall have both a thick winter coat and sharp horns.” The bison did as they were asked and stomped the ground in the west. When the earth finally cracked, it shook violently. All that stood was knocked to the…show more content…
He called all the birds together to ask them for their help. The birds, having heard from the bison how they got their horns and coats, agreed to help Sahkonteic in exchange for giving them something they wanted. The birds said, “We will help you with whatever you wish, but only if you give us beautiful feathers.” Sahkonteic begrudgingly agreed to the birds demands. He granted them their wish and gave them their instructions. The birds were to fly north to Liniwa’s lands. Once they arrived, they were to fly together in circles to stir up the wind and create a storm that would chill Liniwa to his very core and blind him with
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