Henry Fayol

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Assessment - Essay 

Assessment (Essay, 2000 words, 30%) is an individual essay. The assignment requires you to use to build an argument that answers the question “Is Henri Fayol’s management theory relevant today?” 
Your argument should be presented as an essay. You may however make use of headings to highlight sections of your work

Your essay should:

Define the topic: outline what the report is about and how it will be structured i.e. what aspects are you focusing on and why.
a. Specify your point of view: Answer the question “Is Henri Fayol’s management theory relevant today? ”Today 's world is highly complex with ever changing technology, increasing threats regarding climate change, medicine, global security, diversity in the
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Essay Writing:
You can use the unit textbook (pp 485-490) and the accompanying unit textbook Summers and Smith to learn more about essay writing and referencing. If you have any further questions ask your tutor. In Week 3 we will be having a lecture with the publisher Wiley. They will go through a program called Wiley AssignMentor. This software program is useful to structure and coordinate your essay, check your spelling and referencing style. 

The following journal articles will help you critique Fayol’s management theory:
KEY ARTICLE: Evans, Haden, Clayton, and Novicevic (2013) ‘History-of-management-thought about social responsibility’ Journal of Management History, 19, 1, pp. 8-32. http://ezproxy.lib.swin.edu.au/login?url=http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/17511341311286150
Pages 1-11 and 22-27 are especially useful for the essay. Pages 12-21 demonstrate the role of the stakeholder environment to the organization and the issues that the organisation may need to address to be identified as legitimate to the organisations survival. You may wish to consider this line of reasoning in your argument. Be selective and choose from the article knowledge that supports
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