Henry Fayol Theories And Principles

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Henry Fayol theories and principles in nowadays management Henry Fayol has come to be recognized as the founding father of the classical management theory during the XX and XXI century. His theories, which are very famous all around the world, have been over the years the framework in the development of what is known as modern management. According to Van (2011) “Fayol gained world-wide fame for his 14 general principles of management. He distinguished six general activities for industrial enterprises: technical, commercial, financial, security, accounting and managerial. He defined five functions of management for the management component and these are still seen as relevant to organizations today”. Despite the fact that Fayol’s theories about management and administration ware born early 1900s, nowadays many directors and managers relay on such concepts to drive their organization towards success. The 5 principles of management of Henry Fayol applied in the Coca cola Company Coca Cola Company is a real example on how Fayol’s principles of management are applied with a great success. For this organization the achievement of its goals in the long term, which is being known all around the world, is getting closer to be reached due to the efficiency of its management structural skeleton. Based on Fayol’s 5 principles of management (planning, organizing, controlling commanding and coordinating), Coca Cola offers a real picture about how efficient are Fayol’s development in
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