Henry Fayol and Business Administration

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Management as defined by Robbins, S., Bergman, R., Stagg, I. & Coulter, M. (2012), involves coordinating and overseeing the work of others so that their activities are completed efficiently and effectively. Managers are universal; every business, big or small, needs managers of some sort. This is proved by all the different theories coined by people like Frederick Winslow Taylor, Henri Fayol, Max Weber and Frank and Lillian Gilbreth to name a few. Our focus will now only be on one of the theorists, Henri Fayol, who believed that focusing on increasing efficiency in businesses by minimizing misunderstandings. In the case of Company Y, Mrs X works as part of the middle level management of the company because she reports to the chief…show more content…
When it comes to suppliers and trying to win them over, the process is much more complicated because Company Y operates as a centralized company. This forms some kind of resistance in terms of buying into the company because of the complications centralization brings about. Mrs X has to constantly explain to employees and prospective suppliers that if they do partner with Company Y, both our economies of scale will increase, the company’s level of savings will increase, they will have less administration to deal with and to have fewer transactions. Robbins, S. et al (2012) defines controlling as the process of monitoring, comparing and correcting work performance. Company Y have policies in place that needs to be well communicated by managers to ensure that every employee works towards the same goal and does it properly. Reports are run on monthly, sometimes quarterly, basis to evaluate and monitor performances and whether all employees have been compliant according to policies and procedures. By rating all the functions with a 5, there’s no doubt that all of functions are of high importance in Company Y. Mrs X also emphasizes that because Company Y is a very large company and that every step is quite crucial in reaching complete success even with the conditions of technology advances and the economic climate during the time of
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