Henry Fayol 's Sentry Gate Warden, Creon- King Peter Chorus

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Eteocles- Henry Polyneices-Nicholis Sentry-Gate Warden, Creon- King Peter Chorus-Ghost First episode Scene 1 Prolouge Prince Henry had died defending the kingdom from his Prince brother Nicholas who attacked out of greed to take the crown. Prince Nicholas also dies. Leaving the crown to his uncle, King Philip. G: here comes the next king, Philip of Vesuvius, son of Daniel the wise. I wonder what will be his fate, why has he summoned a cursed ghost to council him? P:Citizens of Vesuvius, I find pleasure in telling you that this kingdom is safe once again by god 's mercy, I call you here today to hear me because I know your faith in Daniel the wise was, and is, unwavering, and thus I can depend on you good people for anything that…show more content…
P:infest the dreams of those who break my law and drive them to insanity. G:only those who are already insane will do it. P:usually yes, but money can make people think twice. ENTER GATE WARDEN GW: I swear I didn 't do it, I kept wondering how to tell you this while on me way up, I felt like avoiding you, but I know that if I don 't sing, a different bird will. P:Well, what is it. GW: I didn 't see who did it so you can 't blame me for it. P:Sure, whatever you want, just tell me what happened. GW:An awful act. P: Spit it out. GW:The body, (gate warden stutters while the King Philip waits impatiently) someone covered him with dirt, no signs of people. P: Who did this GW: I swear to the lord and my family I don 't know, you gotta believe me,(gate warden looks at King Philip pathetically while King Philip glares back at him) listen, there were no tracks of people, animals, carts, no marks in the soil, the ground underneath them is still hard, it was just this morning when we finished our shift, when a captain pointed at poor Nicholas and said he was covered in dirt. Not a lot, just enough to bury him. And then we were blaming each other, and almost started fighting,( Peter is getting very angry, but the warden doesn 't notice) then I broke them all up and came here to report to you sir. G: Could this be the work of god? P: Just stop,(the king says furiously), do you really think god would have him buried? Of all people, this man wasn 't a saint and

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