Henry Fayol's Organizational and Management Theory Essay

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There are many theories that have been developed by scholars to explain the principles and practice of management. Some of these theorists include: Henry Fayol; and Mintzberg among others. Henry Fayol is believed to be the first scholar to develop the management theory. Other scholars developed their theories based on the weakness of Henry Fayol’s theory of management (Thomson 2004). Henry Fayol is a scholar of French national and was born in 1841. The scholar Fayol was born at the cusp of French’s industrial revolution. Fayol mainly developed theories on management and organization of labor. Fayol developed the theory of management out of the experiences of French economy in the early years of the 19th century. During this…show more content…
The German competition and French industrial inferiority was the core or the cause of the development of the theory. Fayol’s theory of management centralization main concern was order and discipline. The theory therefore centered on unitary command and centralization of all power, authority and decision making. Fayol is therefore the first management thinker to recognize the need for teaching management (EmeraldInsight 2011). During the development of this theory, there was an industrial revolution. This made the theory significant and relevant to the world at the moment as there was a need for effective and efficient management practices (Thomson 2004). Henry Fayol during this development divided the industrial activities into six groups. The groups mainly assisted in the development of the theory. The groups are mainly: technical, commercial, financial, security, accounting, and management. On the development of the management theory Fayol further subdivided management into various different functions. Each function had a different role to play in the management and running of an organization but all were to assist in the achievement of the organizational goals (12manage). The functions are: planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling. Among the functions of management the most essential function is the planning function. This is the function of management that takes into account the basic and foundation elements of a
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