Henry Ford: A Man of the Century Essay

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Henry Ford: A Man of the Century

The 2006 Porsche 911 that I would love to own would not even be in existence were it not for the fortitude and ingenuity of men like Henry Ford who lead the way in the automotive industry. The Ford Motor Company and Henry Ford with his engineer's mind and spirit of inventiveness changed American history. Henry Ford was a man with an interesting private life as well being a man who pushed to make his dreams come true and did not take "no" for an answer which is what a great inventor and business man needs.

Henry Ford was responsible for the assembly line way of manufacturing. In the plant that was built in Highland Park, Michigan to produce the Model T, all of the equipment to make an assembly
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In the July 29 edition of the Detroit Journal there was not only an interview but also nice pictures of the demonstration. Probably because of the press that he got, there was more interest in whom Henry Ford was and the first company that Henry Ford was associated with in the automotive business was formed. The company was named the Detroit Automobile Company and Henry Ford was given only a small share of stock in it. During the time Henry Ford was with the company he worked on improvements to his automobiles and raced them instead of selling them. As good as they were, his cars just didn't sell, so in 1902 Henry M. Leland replaced Ford and the company that we know as Cadillac was born.

Ford didn't quit though; he had formed an idea that he could race his cars and that would bring him more publicity. He and his group of assistants put their minds together and created a racing car for Ford to drive. When they were done, their masterpiece was a trim 26 horsepower racer that was to be put to the test on October 10, 1901, in a 10-mile race. No one believed it could happen, but Ford's car won the race against the automobile entered by Alexander Winton who was much the favorite. Winton had moved from bicycle making to automobile manufacturing and he really specialized at getting the press to his events. When Henry won everyone knew about it because of the fact that he beat Winton. He had the attention of the press so he announced that because

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