Henry Ford American Experience Analysis

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When trying to make connections between democracy and capitalism, and how they play a role in our everyday society, looking closely at the emergence of a powerful company can be very informative. Throughout the documentary Henry Ford American Experience, we are introduced to the humble beginnings of the one well-known company in today’s society, the Ford Motor Company. With the in-depth account of the creator himself, Henry Ford and the focus on the labor practices used in his company, one can understand how the establishment came to be. It is said that the modern automobile is mainly credited to the work of the Germans and French during the late 1800s, but America during the early 20th century did have a period of work in the industry(Automobiles). A man who dominated and really made the industry was Henry Ford.The beginning of his contributions to this industry would start on June 4th, 1896 at 4:00 am, the day he drove his horseless carriage for the first time(American). His work would later culminate to his best and most notable product, the Model T car. Henry Ford did not produce the first car, but his work is significant because he gave more people access to it. Not only did the car provide a new way to travel, it changed the way many people lived. The Model T allowed for everyday people to have the privilege of driving, which at the time was only attainable by the rich. For those on the farm who relied mostly on horse bound vehicles, it gave them a new way to…
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