Henry Ford : An American Entrepreneur

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Henry Ford was an American entrepreneur who was born on June 30 in the year of 1863, in Greenfield Township, Michigan. Henry Ford was in a family of seven, five children including himself and a mother “Mary Ford” and a father “William Ford”. His family owned a profitable farm in Dearborn, Michigan where Henry would spend most of the time doing chores. At the age of 15 Henry Ford had spent his childhood as an expert at watch repairing, he would strip the watch of its parts and resembled them to get a better perspective of how it worked. In 1876, Henry Ford 's mother “Mary Ford” had died and so did his love for working on the farm. A couple years after in 1879, Henry’s career had begun, he had left his family’s farm to work as an…show more content…
Soon after, he left the Edison Electric Illuminating Company to launch his own automobile company, once with the Detroit Automobile Company in August 5, 1899, with the financial help of a couple of investors and the Henry Ford Corporation in November 3, 1901, but unfortunately both had failed and were shut down after a year. Later In 1901, Ford had tried to get his automobiles more publicity by attending races and showing off his vehicles to the public, this worked greatly but he soon realized that people of his generation did not need racecars. So he set his mind to build an automobile everyone would want. On July 15, 1903, again with the help of investors Henry Ford had founded the Ford Motor Company, this company soon became very successful and sold their very first automobile, the Model A. Furthermore, Ford introduced the Model T in 1908, an automobile that was far better than his previous and during the same year the Ford Motor Company became overseas. During 1913, Ford focused on finding a better way to manufacture the automobiles in a shorter period of time. It had taken around 12 hours to build the automobiles at first but with the new assembly lines, Ford had placed after, the time had been lowered down to around 2 hours and 30 minutes. And during the following year, Ford decided to help out his workers by raising their salary to $5 per day, so that they could all live an easier and happier life. Soon after, there was a

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