Henry Ford An Ethical And Visionary Leader

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Henry Ford an Ethical and Visionary Leader
Imagine a world absent of automobiles and public transportation, no way to get from one place to another, in this day in age this would be a hard realization for most people to accept. If not for Henry Ford’s innovative approach in the advancement of the assembly line this could have been out destiny. Henry Ford revolutionize the automobile industry through his visionary and ethical leadership. I too am a visionary and ethical leader and apply many of the same principles in my leadership style. First we will discuss how as an “advancer” and visionary leader Henry Ford used “individualized consideration” and “contingent reward” to help motivate his employees by implementing positive wage and shift changes. Next we discuss how as an ethical leader, Ford utilized “open-mindedness” and the “consequence test” to help innovate the usage of the assembly line to mass produce automobiles. Finally, I will relate these same principles to my own leadership skills and how I used these same traits to help develop an electronic whiteboard idea of one of my Airman. Let’s initially delve into how Ford used his visionary leadership to make dramatic advances in the automobile industry by motivating his employees.
Visionary Leader
As a visionary leader and “advancer,” Henry Ford used “individualized consideration” and “contingent reward” in order to motivate his employees inevitably creating a transportation revolution. Henry Ford understood…
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