Henry Ford And The American Civil War

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Henry Ford had only a modest education. He didn’t invent the gasoline engine; he didn’t invent the auto mobile; he didn’t really invent anything. Yet, when he died in 1947, Ford, and the company he founded had a profound effect on the world he taught to drive. Given all that he had accomplished, it’s hard to believe Henry Ford was almost 40 when he established the Ford Motor Company. At the time America was more agricultural than industrial. Horse-less carriages were toys for a wealthy few. But in just four decades, Henry Ford had in his own words, “invented the modern age”.
Henry Ford was born while the American Civil War was still raging. July 30th, 1863, William and Mary Ford, owners of one of the more substantial homesteads in Dearborn, Michigan, had their first surviving child named Henry. Henry Ford didn’t like the hard life he had been born into of farming to survive. Luckily going to school offered an escape from the long hours of endless chores. He was a naturally curious child. Henry Ford was a natural born mechanic. One of the first places that he was able to express his innate ability was when he received a wrist watch for his 13th birthday. Like a lot of boys that wanted to learn about machines, he took the watch apart. But unlike most young boys, he was able to put the watch perfectly back together again. But in 1876, Henry Ford’s orderly world fell apart. His beloved mother, Mary, died during childbirth. Henry was 12 when this happened, and the loss left him…
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