Henry Ford : Development Of Engineering And Mechanics

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Henry Ford passion and interest in the field of engineering and mechanics lead to creation of Ford motor. First step by Henry Ford in this regard was the development of automotive mechanic in 1899. In 1899 he founded the Detroit automobile company. After this first step by him he established Ford motor in 1903. At the time of creation of Ford motor there already exists 87 different companies with different brands in US. Henry Ford established Ford motors with a new and different vision. That differentiate vision was the cultural impact of automobiles on the society. He came with this idea and position the brand in this way to differentiate Ford from existing brands. He positioned the brand by convincing consumers that car is an affordable item than a luxury one. He entered into market with a strategy of mass production, improved and use of latest technology, effective supply chain and changing life style. He introduced the motto “Help the other fellow” which creates a friendly working environment among the employees and motivates employees to implement the concept of team work (, 2014) Even today Henry Ford’s strategies and beliefs are being reflected in the Ford’s corporate strategies. Main feature of all Ford’s brands is their reliability, high quality and innovativeness. After BMW, Ford is considered to be a renowned brand whose focus is on innovation and creativity. Along with cars its effort towards social responsibility also plays an important role in
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