Henry Ford : Ethical And Visionary Leader

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Henry Ford – Ethical and Visionary Leader
Imagine if I told you that you could buy the same car you bought today for 30 percent less money you if waited until tomorrow, would you be interested? My ethical and visionary synthesis essay talks about “The People’s Tycoon.” Henry Ford is the man who created an affordable, reliable automobile for the American people of the early 1900’s with the invention of the automobile assembly line. He accomplished this through the use of precision manufacturing, standardized parts, a bright vision and ethical leadership. The purpose of my essay is to explain how and why Henry Ford was a Visionary and Ethical leader. To do this I will synthesize how Henry Ford capitalized on his vision through Full Range Leadership Development (FRLD) as a transformational leader who preached and practiced the traits of individualized consideration and diversity. Additionally, I will synthesize how Ford fulfilled his vision through the use of ethical leadership traits using integrity, resource excellence, and a display of moral courage in the face of adversity. Lastly, I will explain the personal relevance and impact on my own life doing this research has had on my past and future decisions. Now that I have laid out the overview of my essay, I will begin by explaining what made Henry Ford a visionary leader.
Henry Ford’s vision though he hadn’t realized it yet, became increasing realistic when at a very young age Fords parents started to witness Henry’s…
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