Henry Ford Health Systems: Human Resources Models Essay

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During my senior year of undergraduate studies at Wayne State University, I shadowed a pediatrics physician at a Henry Ford Medical Group center in Dearborn, MI. The HFMG is part of Henry Ford Health Systems. The Henry Ford Health Systems employs over 23,000 employees while the HFMG employs over 1,300 senior staff physicians and researchers along with 3,100 non-physician providers and support staff. “The HFMG generates $750M in net revenue, which represents about 33% of total HFHS provider revenues” (Kelley 2011). The HFMG physicians specialize in over 40 different medical specialties and work in 30 different medical centers and 5 different hospitals across southeast Michigan. The specialties include cardiology, cardiovascular surgery,…show more content…
However, the HR department is a staff operation within the organization chart of Henry Ford. Meaning that if the HR department was suddenly removed, there would be no short-term effect on the workflow of the health system (Fallon 2007).
According to a human resources department job description posted by Henry Ford, the many functions of the HR department at Henry Ford include working on issues and policies of employee benefits, employee compensation, employment, e-HR, organizational performance and learning, payroll, training and education, performance evaluation, employee retention, and legal and regulatory issues, among many other functions (Linkedin). Having a wide range of duties like this requires a complex model that can cover all aspects of the job without over-stepping the boundaries between HR and other departments. “The human resources department of any healthcare entity is responsible for the people side of the business. Not only must human resources department protect and encourage the quality of the patient’s relationship with the healthcare entity, but it also must protect and encourage the quality of the employee’s relationship with the healthcare entity” (Shi 2007). This is a macro look at the basic function of the HR department within a health setting.
From my
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