Henry Ford : Model T

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Henry Ford - Model T Henry Ford is famous and well known as a businessman, founder of the Ford Motor Company, and helped in the development of the assembly line. Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 in Michigan. His mother was Mary Litogot Ford and his father was William Ford. They raised their son, Henry, on a farm in Wayne County, Michigan. Henry Ford was very unhappy with working at the farm he was raised on. He had a gift for taking apart and reconstructing timepieces(Biography.com Editors). At the very young age of just sixteen years old, he left to Detroit to become a machinist. Following his departure to Detroit, he developed the skill to operate and service steam engines. Later on in Ford’s life, he met and married a woman named Clara Ala Bryant. In order for him to provide and support his wife, he went back to the life working on the farm. He worked on the farm until 1876 when his mother passed away. He worked as a farmer for three years until he got hired for a job as an engineer. He then started the building and creation of automobiles(Biography.com Editors). The creation of the Model T was one of the most influential invention of its time period because of the new form of transportation, development of assembly line and further production by Henry Ford, and revolutionizing of the Model T and automobile industry.
The Ford Motor Company is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. Another well known name for the company is simply Ford. The company founded by Henry…

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