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     The birth of the automobile was truly something special. Once a far fetched dream is now what many people believe to be the back bone of the American economy. When people think about the automobile the name that comes to mind is most usually Henry Ford. Although he is not credited with the invention of the automobile, Henry Ford played a crucial role in the development of mass production. The automobile was first invented Europe in 1771 with a top speed of 2.3 miles per hour. A man by the name of Gottliech Daimler produced what was known as the milestone car in 1889, this vehicle traveled at 10 miles per hour (Brown, 105). Not more then a handful of these cars were produced over seas. Not many people had ever …show more content…
In 1908 Henry Ford had constructed the Model T; the time it took him to create this automobile was 13 days. Now eager to achieve more, Ford knew that he needed a place to construct these cars. He also knew that to sell mass amounts he would have to sell cheap, and buy parts and supplies even cheaper (Douglas, 25). The construction of the first Ford Motor plant used the world’s only conveyer belt. This was part of the Fords plan to build fast, when he constructed the assembly line cars were pumped out in as fast as 15 minuets, this was down from 19 days. Ford was able to make the automobile a car for everyman, a working man with a family.
     America was truly revolutionized by the invention of the assembly line, with the Ford Motor Company able to mass produce these cars people could drive anywhere and everywhere. Fords invention also created many jobs. With higher wages and fewer hours Henry Ford basically created a middle class for the American Society. At this period of time no other company had a shorter work day. As Ford produced and sold more cars he raised the wages. The American economy began to strengthen as more work became available to the people. Roads needed paved and gas stations needed attendants. With the automobile becoming an everyday car people began to travel, the hotel industry began to boom and the market for tourism had evolved. Business owners all over America began to love Henry Ford; for his

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