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     When you think about Ford, an automobile will usually come to mind. Most people don’t think about the man behind that name, Henry Ford. Henry Ford was the man responsible for the Ford Motor Company (FMC). He was also the creator of the invention that changed the mass production industry, the assembly line. As you read on you will learn about Henry Ford’s life, the FMC, and the assembly line.
     In Wayne County, Michigan on July 30, 1863, a pair of Irish immigrants, William and Mary Ford, gave birth to a boy who they named Henry. They owned a farm in Dearborn, Michigan where Henry helped his parents and attended a one-room schoolhouse.
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The automobile didn’t look like much with a carriage body and a lever for steering. This car was what got Ford started on the way toward the automotive industry.1
Ford only had one son, who was president for the Ford Company from 1819 to 1943 when Edsel, died. Henry had to take over presidency for two years until he gave his position to his grandson, Henry Ford the II. After living for 83 years Henry Ford passed away on April 7, 1947, at his home in Dearborn, Michigan.3
     In 1903 the Ford Motor Company was incorporated after two unsuccessful attempts. Henry Ford was the vice-president and the chief engineer. The company started out only making a few cars a day at the Ford factory, with two or three men working on a car at a time and having to use parts made to order from other companies.2
Ford’s dream was to produce a moderate priced, reliable, and efficient automobile, which came with the Model T in 1908.3 A company that started out small, now had over half of the car owners in America driving the Model T.1 It was easy to operate and maintain, it also handled good on rough roads. It was the most popular automobile in history, and over fifteen million were sold. With the Model T, Ford achieved his goal to make reasonable priced cars for the average person. 2
The reason he could make cars for decent prices was that the FMC owned its own steel mill and iron mine, and could make its own parts.

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