Henry Ford Essay

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Early Years

     Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863, on a farm in Dearborn, Michigan. The Ford farm of ninety acres included many different wildlife such as “bobolinks”, foxes, and much more (Harris 7). Like most other farms, the Ford’s had cows, horses, and orchards. Being open to such nature, Henry Ford came to “know and love it” (Harris 7).
     In Henry’s younger days, it was usual for farmers to make things they needed. The ford farm had a gristmill, a sawmill, a blacksmith shop, and a weaving machine. As Henry grew older, he was expected to help with the farm work. Henry hated to plow, to plant, and milk cows; all he enjoyed was the machinery.
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Clara Bryant
     Henry Ford took dancing lessons on the waltz and the polka to improve his prospects. One night at a harvest moon dance, late in 1884, Henry met Clara Bryant. Clara was a close friend of Henry’s sister Margeret, but he never noticed her. Henry “realized after 30 seconds of conversation that Clara Bryant was the girl for him” (Collier 26). Since Henry’s mother’s death, Clara was the first to have confidence in Henry, so he called her “the believer” (Harris 15). When William Ford saw his son falling in love, William offered an acre parcel to Henry called “the Moir place”, as a wedding gift. The two lovebirds married on April 11, 1888 and settled down.
     On September 25, 1888, henry and Clara packed their things and moved to a house on John R Street. Henry worked a few hours from home at Detroit Edison Illuminating Company. Henry was soon making $1000 a year as chief engineer.
     On November 6, 1893, Clara gave birth to her first child, which Henry named Edsel after a friend from high school. By Christmas Eve 1893, Henry completed his first gasoline engine. In the spring of 1896, Henry axed down a hole in the wall and rode the gas buggy.
Ford Motor Company
     On October 10, 1901, Henry raced his twenty-six horsepower racer against the famous Winton. After beating Winton, Henry got much publicity for the

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