Henry Ford Six-Hours Essay

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After reading the passage A Six-Hour Workday Is Plenty, I'd have to agree with Henry Ford's change, considering the fact that not only did his employee's work 11-12 hours a day, 6 days a week Henry Ford had also doubled the workers pay. Not only did it benefit Henry Ford and his employee's their company had a huge increase in productivity. I from personal experience have worked 6 days a week, 8-9 hours in sells. I would make sure customers left happy with their product, paid a good price and if they ever had an issue with their product i'd try my best to help them out any way i could whether if they wanted a refund or an exchange. During the 8-9 hours i worked my manager paid me over time. All in all I had to agree that people are more aware 4 hours after waking up. For example, when i use to work at Wendy's early morning I'd feel so lost in organizing and finding products to stock, I would'nt be as motivated as to go into work at 12 in the afternoon instead of 7am. After working for 2-3 hours i'd have to take a break to refuel my body because i was so tired from standing and taking…show more content…
One reason being that workers got so sick during that time for doing extensive work. Not only did employee's get sick management couldn't afford paying people to cover the empty shifts. Taking all this into mind the company would be losing money and product. I personally wouldn't want to be working shorter shifts with more intensity, things get stressful at work and your body can only take so much. Worker's should not be losing two hours of wages each day it is the company's responsibility to make sure they can afford to pay every one and in any bad situation they should always have a back up plan. In conclusion worker's should be allowed to work full-time, 6 days a week, have a break in between work so the job gets done correctly, so that employee's don't get sick from the
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